Technical industrial property rights

We understand your ideas and realise them in practical, successful technical property rights: patents, utility models, supplementary protection certificates, semi-conductor topographies and plant variety protection. To achieve optimal protection, we advise our clients before the innovation has even occurred. As a result, corresponding industrial property rights already exist during the development phase of the product and provide comprehensive protection.

Our Sepat® and seemann-ip® services include all kind of services related to technical industrial property rights. We especially provide tailor-made worldwide services.

Sepat® and seemann-ip® is our made-to-measure service for clients who want prosecute their intellectual property rights efficiently and all over the world from one hand.

Trademark rights

Names differentiate goods and services. We support you in achieving differentiation on the market and expanding your position with brands, corporate trademarks, rights to names, domain/Internet law, title protection and geographical indications of source.

Design protection

Design distinguishes products and makes them something special. With the appropriate industrial property rights – such as registered designs and Community designs – we ensure they remain something special.

Employee invention law

“Inventions in companies" is a complex subject in Germany and worldwide. We support companies in implementing the valid law efficiently and securely in the company.

Contract law

Our spectrum covers agreements for licences, know-how and technology transfer, confidentiality and preferential right agreements, and purchase agreements. Business and specialist questions are presented comprehensively here and placed on a nationally and internationally binding, legal foundation.

We also successfully support our clients in contractual negotiations.


In the event of conflicts with competitors and industrial property rights, we provide you with an objective analysis of the legal situation and develop practical offensive and defensive strategies. These include appeals, objections, prosecutions, entitlement queries, warnings, protective letters, injunctions, suits, infringement proceedings, customs seizures of piracy products and out-of-court dispute settlements.

Intellectual property strategies

Success can be planned! Your position can be strategically developed and reinforced by mapping existing property rights in the competitive environment. We create strategies to safeguard companies, your products, services and procedures.