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As experts in protecting innovation, we handle technical and scientific issues on a daily basis. We are involved in the development of products, trademarks and prototypes from the outset all the way to market maturity, allowing us to ensure their optimum protection. We are on hand when it comes to technical inventions, trademarks, slogans, product names, designs, aesthetic creations, expertise, licences and other matters in the field of intellectual property rights.


    Inventions are the driving force of technological progress. As physicists, we understand your ideas and keep them safe with sensible and successful technical property rights, whether patents, utility models, supplementary protection certificates or semiconductor topographies. In order to achieve optimum protection, we start advising our clients during the development phase of their innovations.


    Brands and other trademarks indicate which manufacturers or suppliers provide the products and services concerned. We boost the recognition value of your products using trademarks, company names, naming rights, domain/Internet rights, copyright and geographical indications, thus helping you to expand your market position.


    Your design makes your product something special for all to see, which is why good designs are often imitated. We make sure that your products remain something special by applying the most effective protective rights, e.g. registered or community designs.


    Inventions within companies constitute a complex field, both in Germany and around the world. We will help you to implement valid law efficiently and reliably in your organisation.


    Our portfolio also includes licensing agreements, knowledge/technology transfer agreements, purchase agreements, NDAs and priority agreements. Commercial and specialist issues will be covered in full and placed on a nationally and internationally binding legal basis. We also successfully support our clients with contractual negotiations.


    Whenever disputes concerning intellectual property rights arise with competitors, we will be able to give you an objective assessment of the legal situation and develop suitable offensive and defensive strategies. These include objections, prosecutions, requests to demonstrate legitimate use, cease-and-desist letters, protective letters, preliminary injunctions, legal action, customs seizures of pirated protects and out-of-court settlements.


    Planning is the secret to success! By assessing existing intellectual property rights amongst your competitors, your position can be precisely developed and strengthened. We devise strategies for highlighting the quality and unique nature of your products, services and processes in the long term and for safeguarding new business and market opportunities.

Exceptional ideas need a partner to match.

Our work always centres on providing you with clear and comprehensible expertise to inform your business decisions. With that in mind, we are committed to an open working relationship and spirit of equal partnership, coupled with personal, reliable and ongoing communication.

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